The issuance of Appropriated and Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Federal Wage System (FWS) pay schedules effective in FY 2024 will be delayed until the FY 2024 pay limitations are released. When issued, it is anticipated that pay schedules will be retroactive to their normal effective date.

NAF Pay Systems (NPS) schedules, commonly referred to as Pay Band Schedules, will be issued on time in accordance with each wage area’s effective date.

For further inquiries, please contact the Wage & Salary Division.

Wage Schedules

Wage and Salary conducts annual wage surveys to collect wage data from the private sector to establish Federal Wage System (FWS) schedules, Special Pay schedules, and Payband schedules. View wage schedules for Appropriated and Nonappropriated Fund pay systems through interactive maps, check for newly released schedules, access Overseas schedules, subscribe to the Wage newsletter and download wage data. There are also links for GS pay tables, additional resources, and historical information.
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