Department of Defense Wage Committee (DODWC)

DODWC is a closed meeting which has two management members, two labor members, one chairman appointed by DOD.

  • Two management seats: Department of Defense Army and Navy
  • Two labor seats: Metal Trades Department/AFL-CIO, the American Federation of Government Employees
Committee actions result in published regular wage schedules for 131 appropriated fund and 118 nonappropriated fund Federal Wage System (FWS) wage areas, and numerous special schedules. All FWS employees in these wage areas are paid from the schedules approved by the DODWC.

Meetings are scheduled to be held approximately 24 times a year to receive, review, and consider wage survey specifications; wage survey data; local wage survey committee reports and recommendations; and to approve wage schedules. Schedules are issued throughout the year. The Committee must continue in order to meet statutory criteria to issue FWS wage schedules.

The DODWC implements Title 5 USC 5343. The DoD Civilian Personnel Advisory Service, Wage and Salary Division, provides the technical expertise to the Committee to approve the schedules. The Committee is required to guarantee labor-management involvement in determining the wage schedules.


The DODWC is reviewed every 2 years. The current Charter was issued on December 7th, 2022.

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DODWC Charter

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