Benefits, Wage, and NAF: Training

DoD Benefits Training Program promotes proficiency within the HR Community and centers on the Employee Benefits Advisor (EBA) technical competency levels. These competencies and knowledge of HR concepts, principles, and practices relate to retirement, insurance, injury compensation, and other employee benefits programs. In the classroom setting, the participant receives realistic illustrations and course material developed to reinforce HR core and general competencies.

The training program culminates with the DoD Employee Benefits Advisor Credentialing Program which helps develop the technical competency for the Department’s Employee Benefits Advisors. Through a series of comprehensive exams, the program promotes and cultivates knowledge of HR concepts, principles, and practices related to retirement, insurance, injury compensation, and other employee benefits programs, as prescribed in the Office of Personnel Management’s HRM Competency Model.

Basic Benefits Course

Designed for the HR Practitioner, the Basic Benefits Course develops core Federal Benefits competencies. This training introduces participants to the laws and regulations that govern Federal Benefits Programs. Course content will center on many of the provisions of Title 5 United States Code and Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations. Participants will gain knowledge of the eligibility requirements for all Federal benefits programs, the various retirement and insurance options, as well as special considerations such as certain types of creditable civilian and military service, annuity computation formulas, service computation dates, and the Thrift Saving Plan (TSP). Hands on activities will stimulate learning and reinforce core concepts. A simulated call center setting with scenarios that often occur in the daily operations environment will engage participants and facilitate discussion about insurance and retirement benefit issues. This course is limited to 25 participants per 4-day session. Pre-requisite: None

Intermediate Benefits Course

The Benefits Intermediate Course targets HR practitioners with at least one year of benefits experience. The course material strengthens interpersonal, team-building, counseling, and consultative skills. Course instruction examines the structure of Title 5 United States Code and Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations coupled with engaging, thought-provoking case studies, and exercises in Retirement Eligibility, Retirement Coverage Determinations, Annuity Computations, Disability Retirement, Survivor Benefits, and Retirement Counseling. We also cover topics within insurance and other benefits programs. The intermediate course will make a visible difference and have a positive impact on the practitioner’s core and general HR competencies! This course is limited to 25 participants per 4-day session. Pre-requisite: Basic Benefits Course.

Advanced Benefits Workshop (ABW)

Are you ambitious, eager to sharpen your skills, a forward thinker? If so, this course is for you – an experienced HR practitioner! Participate in a CAPSTONE project that requires advanced readings and research from Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations to resolve a variety of multifaceted, complicated HR matters. Participants will have partners or work in to groups to ensure a lively exchange of ideas and HR perspectives. Workshop course material evaluates Title 5 of the United States Code and covers 4 modules: Special Retirement (including Nonappropriated Fund Retirement Portability), Reemployed Annuitants, USERRA, and Advanced Annuity Computations. If you are an HR practitioner who encounters complex issues, interprets, and applies Title 5 laws and regulations, the ABW will take your skills to the next level. This course is limited to 25 participants per 3 ½-day session.

Pre-requisites: Basic and Intermediate Benefits Course.

DoD HR Credentialing Program

The Credentialing Program is based upon OPMs HR competency model and is designed to promote a culture of learning, professional recognition and personal growth. The classroom instruction includes realistic and practical illustrations that integrate HR core and general competencies. The course instruction focuses on research, interpretation, and application of Federal laws, regulations, DoD policy, and procedures within the Employee Benefits functional area. The applicant for an HR Credential must be a current federal employee assigned to the 0203 or 0201 series, attend the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Benefits courses, score 85%, or better on the posttest and credentialing exams at each level.

Retirement Coverage Determination and Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Correction Act

The Retirement Coverage Determination and Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Correction Act (FERCCA) course will help HR practitioners gain a broader understanding of retirement coverage history, how to determine the correct coverage, and how to "fix" or correct erroneous retirement coverage determinations. Specific topics will include types of retirement coverage errors, the Conner vs. OPM decision, and counseling employees with coverage errors. Participants will research and apply reference materials to extensive case studies and exercises. This course is limited to 25 participants per 3-day session.

Basic Unemployment Compensation (UC) Course

The Basic Unemployment Compensation Course is a 2-day course providing fundamental instruction to Unemployment Compensation Program Specialists with varied experience levels on the policies, procedures, and systems utilized to process unemployment compensation claims. We will provide examples of standard replies to communications regarding claim determinations, problems, and issues. We will describe how to maintain a system of record, monitor automated processes and systems, and assist with audits to determine compliance with guidelines. The course also includes a best practices review on providing technical advice and assistance to customers and recommendations for enhancements or corrective actions.

During the course, participants will:

  • research claim and billing information to ensure the information provided is accurate
  • review, and analyze Federal unemployment claims and supporting documents
  • describe required actions to initiate recoupment of funds due to overpayment

Injury Compensation Program Administrator (ICPA) Level I

This is a 3-day classroom course offered for entry-level ICPAs to develop the skills necessary to properly manage and administer an agency’s Injury Compensation Program. This training will provide in-depth information on the competencies needed to handle the day-to-day tasks related to an Agency Injury Compensation Program. The training will provide information on governing regulations for the program in addition to techniques for researching issues using the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA), implementing regulations contained in the Code of Federal Regulations as well as both DoD and Department of Labor (DOL) guidance and policy. The training also provides information on the benefits contained within the FECA; how to apply for those benefits; and how to counsel employees on their benefits and FECA filing. Additionally, topics such as Continuation of Pay, Performance of Duty, and Challenging Claims scenarios and class activities will allow participants to apply the concepts they have learned to real life scenarios.

Injury Compensation Program Administrator (ICPA) Level II

This is a 3-day classroom course offered for ICPAs that have successfully completed the ICPA Level I Course and have at least 2 years of experience in the Injury Compensation field. This training will build upon basic Injury Compensation concepts in order to provide the ICPA with a subject matter expert level of knowledge on the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act. Activities in the course will give participants an opportunity to apply concepts of dual benefits, data analysis, and complex case management to real world scenarios.

ICPA Certificate Program

Developed by the ICUC team, the ICPA (Injury Compensation Program Administrator) certificate program provides an objective measure and credentialing of the skills ICPAs acquire throughout their career. The certificate program is open to Department of Defense personnel assigned duties within the field of Federal Workers’ Compensation. The program is no cost to participants and provides access to on-line courses tailored to the ICPA. There is a testing component as well as experience requirements for the various levels of credentialing.

Defense Injury and Unemployment Compensation System (DIUCS) Training

The DIUCS system is the enterprise level application for managing Injury and Unemployment Compensation claims for the Department of Defense. This is an online training via the Defense Collaboration Service (DCS) or other approved online platform. The training will cover all basic functionality of DIUCS as well as advanced topics such as searches. The training lasts approximately 3 hours and, upon request, given to groups within the same organization.

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